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This is a reading order for all dc comics published under the new 52 line, beginning after the flashpoint event and ending with the convergence event. Dc comics trade paperback timeline collected editions. Harley quinn comic books, list, gallery, buying guide, history. To start off, batman is the only new 52 character that shares continuity with past books. The common knowledge section now includes a series field. Most of the characters are rebooted and revamped, with the notable exceptions of batman and green lantern, whose continuities remain largely intact. However, when reading dotf, joker seems to lose all the traits that make him likable, gone are the over the top traps, gone is the corny humor. New 52 reading order part 1 comic book reading orders. Endgame is a 10 issue storyline as part of the batman new 52 main series of comic books. Character new 52 batman reading order issue by issue. As a part of the acclaimed dc comicsthe new 52 event of september 2011, writer and cocreator of the cw show supernatural adam glass rolls out an all new team of deathrow super villains recruited by the government to take on missions so dangeroustheyre sheer suicide. She started out in suicide squad but then theres a bit with the death of the family story arc around volume 2 i think.

The joker collection does contain all that, but the backups are grouped. The second adversary to receive his own title was manbat, however his series only lasted two issues before cancellation in early 1976. If you want to see how harley and suicide squad fit in with the dc universe as a whole, you can check out comic book heralds complete dc new 52 reading order. Sep 07, 2018 welcome to our page on the new 52 batman reading order which includes issue by issue and trade paperbacks to help those who have already started to read new 52 batman or for those who want to start this fantastic series. There are many changes to the status quo of the dc universe with the beginning of the new 52. Among the renumbered series were action comics and detective comics, which had retained their original. I didnt include any event tieins or issues from other series unless snyder was directly involved. The initiative consisted of a new imprint of titles, all labeled with the new 52 logo, as well as creating a rebooted dc universe postflashpoint that saw characters from the former wildstorm and vertigo imprints being absorbed into the main dc comics line.

Mar 21, 2016 character new 52 batman reading order issue by issue rcomicreadingorders here is a good list of batman reading order. Death of the family was the second bat family crossover storyline in the new 52. Originally starting in october 2012 and ending in february. There has been some real difficulty getting a comprehensive reading order or continuity for batman in the new 52. Most of them were singleissue stories with little to no connection to others, no advancement of a larger plot, and. Guide to reading batman comics in the new 52 residing in. Batman beyond is a comic book series featuring the fictional character terry mcginnis as batman and based on the animated television series of the same name. I want to read them in an order that connects most events and the way they are meant to be read. The way theyre collecting the stories for the new 52 is meant to be straightforward, but gets confusing. Legends of the dark knight poses a quandary for the reading order of the dc universe trade paperback timeline, since the stories are often out of continuity or deal with batmans early career, but may also be reflected in presentday books.

The story begins with the suicide squad defeated, imprisoned and being interrogated about. The joker has done some bad things, to say the least. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it. Since the relaunch, dc has released an additional 18 ongoing series, as well as 15 miniseries, oneshots, and one maxiseries, with one ongoing. The reading order begins in the distant past and gradually catches up to present day. Is there a complete reading order for all dcs new 52. Character new 52 batman reading order issue by issue rcomicreadingorders here is a good list of batman reading order. Her interest in the joker is framed as a desire to help him and her naive personality was swapped for a more nononsense approach.

The same can be said of the practice as of july 2014 to rerelaunch cancelled series under new creative teams, when one of the points made in the new 52 is that there are only 52 running books at once, taking space from newer ideas in an attempt to reboot a reboot. But she also has her own series now and the new suicide squad. Dc comics, marvel comics and indie alike, nothing is free from our dramatic readings. While the new 52 imprint is going away, the story continuity will remain the same, so this is not another reboot or a return to the pre new 52 dc. After a skirmish with batman, the joker is caught and taken to arkham asylum. You wont want to miss the moment that bruce becomes batman.

But now, the dark knights greatest foe has returned but for once, batman doesnt seem to be his target. They were what made me ultimately decide on dropping the series. If the series has an order, add a number or other descriptor in parenthesis after the series title eg. Harley quinn is out on her own the joker has vanished and shes at a loose end. The joker began the new 52 era with a minor appearance in the detective comics series but then went on to have more massive appearances in the batman. Must read batman stories in the new 52, in reading order. New 52 trinity superman batman wonder woman reading order. Batman book for your new 52 reading collection then choose. In the new 52, the joker is reintroduced as a homicidal killer being hunted by gothams police force in detective comics.

Click here to see the new 52 batman reading order death of the family arc death of the family was the second bat family crossover storyline in the new 52. As the modern age is over and new 52 rebirth have taken over this reading order is essentially finished. The following new 52 batman reading order is a character specific list and does not crossover into books such as justice league. Acclaimed by critics and fans alike, the series was regularly amongst the topselling titles, spawning crossover events such as the night of the owls later novelized in the the court of. Welcome to the batman endgame reading order guide from the gotham archives. Like the court of owls, death of the family is not a traditional crossover in the sense of the reader needing to read each title in a specific order. Jan 09, 2015 there has been some real difficulty getting a comprehensive reading order or continuity for batman in the new 52. Theres actually a sub called rcomicreadingorders and just put new 52 batman and first one is snyders run and anything tied to it and second one is all bat family books. Death of the family the new 52 only 12 left in stock more on the way. If i were to recommend a reading order i would read the first part of batman vol 3 that reintroduces the joker then everything from this book right up the the section marked conclusion which wold leave you in happy suspense regarding the rest of the batman family and then go. Notable villains carmine falcone, sofia gigante falcone. In september 2011, dc comics relaunched their entire line of publications, dubbing the new publishing initiative as the new 52. Jul 29, 20 unfortunately, i didnt find his new 52 work on tec to be all that exciting. Batman tpb 202017 dc comics the new 52 comic books.

However, when reading dotf, joker seems to lose all the traits that make him likable, gone are the overthetop traps, gone is the corny humor. Character new 52 batman reading order issue by issue nova approved this is an issue by issue of the new 52 batman in chronological order, from zero year to endgame. The character was created by artist bob kane and writer bill finger, and first appeared in detective. I am currently reading geoff johns green lantern epic but after that im thinking of reading the entirety of the new 52, which i have. His appearance in the relaunched dc universe has changed relatively little. Pretty much no matter how detailed a order you are looking for. Based on their designs from their monthly comic books comes the latest action figures joining the dc collectibles lineup. Scott snyder and greg capullos run on batman was one of the only consistently great parts of the new 52. I really have focused just on scott snyders batman since it has just been so great, but with batman eternal going on and the new bat books that have recently been released it has been a little confusing on what to read when so that you arent completely lost by the new books. Endgame collects some of the batman issues and the tie. Includes a slew of classic joker stories, such as joker s 5 way revenge and. After a lessthan stellar series of sidestips in vol. And its fairly complex, but im working on a reading order.

Since most of them occur at the same time, the order might at first glance seem unimportant, but it would have been a lot cleaner for the reader if, say, the batgirl section in which she, spoiler alert, ends up kidnapped by the end was placed after the red hood red. One year ago, the joker limped off the streets of gotham, mutilated and scarred when someone had taken the pale white skin right off of his face. You know exactly who he is and how far hed go to put a smile on your face. Aug 25, 2019 when the new 52 took a more sinister approach to the joker, it also applied that to harleys relationship with him. It has appeared in various dc comics publications, including a sixissue miniseries from 1999, a 24issue series running from 1999 to 2001, the hush arc by dc comics in 2010, and an eightissue series in 2011. The batgirl interactions with joker in dotf had potential, but they were just badly written books. In september 2011, dc comics relaunched their entire line of publications, dubbing the new. Zero year took place 5 years before the new 52 began, but is supposed to be read after death of the family and requiem sort of stuff, so it has been placed accordingly. Even though rebirth is technically not part of the new 52 run, snyder. Following the conclusion of the flashpoint crossover storyline, dc canceled all of its existing titles and debuted 52 new series in september 2011 with new first issues. I was asked to answer, but sadly i dont really care about batman, i think he is a lame character and has boring stories.

Collected editions of the new 52 relaunch of batman, a 52issue ongoing series published from 2011 to 2016, written by scott snyder and drawn by greg capullo. The batman\ joker endgame storyline that has been building over the space of the past few issues culminates in the 7th new 52 batman trade. Here youll find the full reading order as well as advice on the best way to get them all. Although it only lasted nine issues, the series is distinctive in that the eponymous title character the joker is the first classic batman villain to receive his own ongoing series. Go directly to the new 52 trinity reading order this reading order aims to provide the most comprehensive reading order for new 52 trinity characters, including superman, batman, wonder woman and justice league titles. Now she has a new series, and being new 52 content, i was a little cynical. Apr 20, 2018 batman is a fictional superhero appearing in american comic books published by dc comics. Batman reading order and timeline modern age gotham. The selected ongoing series would have onetofour point one issues published in one month september 20, and the total number of villain issues would be 52. The new 52 is the 2011 revamp and relaunch by dc comics of its entire line of ongoing monthly superhero comic books.

Batman is a fictional superhero appearing in american comic books published by dc comics. Scott snyder is the bestselling and awardwinning writer of batman, american vampire and swamp thing as well as the short story collection. I felt such a rush of gratitude towards the guy who prepared a similar list for the whole postcrisis batman series, so i felt that i. Night of owls is the first of a few collections theyve done where they pull in the tiein. Death of the family is the second batman crossover spinning out of the relaunched batman title, and features joker s return to gotham city. Also, is the new 52 like a whole remake where nothing from the previous comics is true, because like the joker is different, hush is different in batman eternal, ect. In the new 52 s suicide squad run, harleys origin was slightly tweaked. Get the best deals on modern age batman comics when you shop. Year one recounts the very beginnings of bruce waynes career as the batman as well as james gordons career in gotham city. Joker was an ongoing comic book series published from 1975 until 1976. Although she still worked at arkham asylum and fell to the joker s influence, she seemed to be a driven psychiatrist. The return of joker after a year, and being what was at the time his new 52 debut, is a story. Also, as the years passed she developed into a character much bigger than her remit as the joker s putupon moll.

The imagery in the death of the family is quite a stretch, even for the joker. Could someone list for me the chronological order to read new. International customers can order online, or call us at 8456241995 to place your order over the phone. Feb 24, 2015 comic books dramatically read by the eligible monster team. This is a reading order for all dc comics published under the new 52 line, beginning after the.

If you just get the batman titles vol 1, vol 2, etc. That consolidation included the incorporation of both the wildstorm. In suicide squad, quinn reacts poorly to the news of the joker s apparent death, going on a killing spree to retrieve what was left of his body. The new 52 joker halloween makeup tutorial duration. The continuity of the new 52 continues in the dc you reading order. Zero year is collected as the new 52 origin of the dark knight delves into bruce waynes past with the red hood gang and his runins with aspiring district attorney harvey dent. Batman is introducing a brandnew villain comic book. When the joker returned with a mutilated face, the two got into what is arguably the. Batman has been published continuously for 80 years in multiple titles.

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